The life and times of Lillian Virginia Mountweazel


THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LILLIAN VIRGINIA MOUNTWEAZEL Monster Truck Gallery, 73 Francis St, Dublin Until Mar 31

In her relatively brief life, Lillian Virginia Mountweazel enjoyed an interesting photographic career. Born in Bangs, Ohio in 1942, she initially worked as a fountain designer before switching to photography in 1963. Her portraits of the South Sierra Miwok, and her documentation of New York City buses, Parisian cemeteries and rural American mailboxes are some of her professional achievements. But, aged only 31, she was killed when she was caught up in an explosion “while on assignment for Combustiblesmagazine”.

This information on her is gleaned from the 1975 edition of the New Columbia Encyclopedia, in which Mountweazel was included as a decoy, a copyright trap. The editors made her up, in other words. Notwithstanding her apocryphal status, curator Davey Moor has invited six artists whose work deals with fictional narratives to imagine episodes in the life of Lillian.

They are Teresa Gillespie, Fiona Hallinan, Philip Kennedy, Sabina McMahon, Francoise de Mulneton and Jim Ricks. can’T see ThaT? caTch This Signalsin the Dark Castle House, Castle St, Sligo