The Go-Go’s


Beauty and the Beat 30th Anniversary Edition EMI****

There is a culturally interesting fact behind this anniversary release by the Los Angeles female band: Beauty and the Beatbecame the first US Billboard number one album to be performed and written exclusively by an all-female act. Lead singer Belinda Carlisle would go on to have a MTV-driven career of her own, guitarist Jane Wiedlin would write a cracking pop song called Rush Hour(which gave Northern Irish punk/pop band, Joyrider, their sole UK top 30 hit in 1996, pop pickers), and they would appear on the cover of Rolling Stonein their vests and knickers, but not for the first time would they fashion a collection of songs that shout and poke fun at you. As vibrant, sexy and punchy pop goes, this is difficult to beat-beat-beat. See

Download tracks: We Got the Beat, Our Lips are Sealed