Ten women leading the charge in our clubs and on our airwaves

Week in and week out, the clubs, venues and DJs change little as new and old names swapped places - one thing that remains constant is the low number of women DJs

Some things never change. For many years, this writer compiled the club listings for The Ticket. Week in and week out, the clubs, venues and DJs changed little as new and old names swapped places.

But one thing remained constant and that was the low number of women DJs, with a few exceptions such as Lisa Lashes. Indeed, if you look at last year's DJ Magazine rundown of the Top 100 DJs in the world as voted by their readers, you'll only find two female acts on the list (Nervo and Krewella).

The same anomaly applies to Irish radio with very few female voices to be found on the national musical airwaves. It’s better than it used to be, thanks to Louise Duffy, Jenny Greene and Jennifer Maguire, but it’s still striking.

To mark International Women's Day, here's The Ticket's favourite 10 women DJs. It may also be the only such list you'll ever find without the terrible "chicks with decks" headline.


(1) Annie Mac
The Dubliner now running things on BBC Radio One's evening show.

(2) Nina Kraviz
Dentistry's loss is clubbing's gain in the shape of the Siberian electronic music champ. And she's be playing in Dublin on March 16th.

(3) Steffi
Dutch DJ long resident at Berlin's Panorama Bar and producing great albums such as Yours & Mine.

(4) Kelly-Anne Byrne
Her Saturday night show on Today FM is a weekly must-hear for all funk, disco and boogie fans.

(5) Ellen Allien
The Berliner that's also behind the Bpitch Control label.

(6) Alison Curtis
135,000 listeners to her Saturday morning breakfast show on Today FM can't be wrong.

(7) Annie Nightingale
She's still on air on BBC Radio 1 after all these years because she's still so damn good.

(8) Lilian Smith
It's time for RTE to bring back the best presenter of all of Radio One's Late Date.

(9) Aoife Nic Canna
One of the pioneers of Irish clubland and now broadcasting on Near FM.

(10) DJ Anna
The Brazilian DJ and producer is building up a head of steam on the back of her residency at Sao Paulo's D-Edge Club.