Nialler9's New Irish Music: Anderson, Tiz McNamara, Codes, Maud In Cahoots & more

The best new things in Irish music right now

Built with his own habds: Daniel Anderson

Built with his own habds: Daniel Anderson

Maud In Cahoots – Cure For The Crazy

This kind of sophisticated pop music is not something often born of these shores, but then Maud and Zoe Riordain have always had a more Scandinavian sensibility. Following on from recent single Greatest Achievement, Cure For The Crazy reaches for an ambitious atmospheric crescendo.

New Portals – Groove Boy
Watching someone dance can tell you a lot about a person. Just ask Shakira. Belfast duo Ruth and Michael Aicken are at first enamoured by their subject before the trance snaps and they remember the rejection and reality. Still, Groove Boy moves with disco-ball rotation and features so many bright spots, it's easy to forgive the lapse in judgement.

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