What's on your rider?


Rebekka Karijord

What’s on your rider?Avocado, dark chocolate and local beer.

What would be on your fantasy rider?My mum’s home-made bread and blueberry jam, a massage expert and a fireplace. But then I might fall asleep. So maybe a great espresso machine as well.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?Björk last summer. I’ve been a huge Björk fan for years, but had never seen her live. I was completely starstruck and so inspired.

Most embarrassing on-stage moment?I was playing this beautiful theatre in Stockholm, it was sold out, very elegant. The show started with the drape going up, tilting my harp over from its tall stand. It made a dreadfully loud feedback. The audience screamed. It was very punk, but not quite what I had wished for.

Groupies. Would you?I have a few old, polite men in France who follow me around. They are quite cute.

How many roadies does it take to change your lightbulbs (ie, how big is your entourage)?I change my own lightbulbs!

Have you a special stage wardrobe?Oh, yes. Right now I am touring with a custom-made percussion cape by designer Anna Heymowska. It has real beetle wings and hand-made bells, and becomes a backdrop during the show.

What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you?My lovely fans would never throw anything at me! I’ve gotten some flowers once, and a teddy bear, which was very sweet.

If you could be in any other band, which one?Talk Talk when they did the Spirit of Eden record. The National would be fun to join on stage. Or PJ Harvey.

What’s your best tour story?Once I did a series of concerts in Norway where I was singing eight metres up in the ceiling in a mechanical bird. It sounds crazy, I know. Anyway, one time someone had left their sweater in the mechanics of the bird, down on the floor. So in the middle of the song, the whole bird tilted, far up there, with me in it. We had to stop the show and get me down. I was terrified. No more mechanical birds for me!

* In conversation with TONY CLAYTON-LEA.

Rebekka Karijord plays Dublin’s Workman’s Club tonight