Watch: Air guitar playing Enda Kenny Dancing in the Dark to Springsteen

Video shows Taoiseach dancing, singing, and waving to the Croke Park crowd at gig

Video shows Taoiseach dancing, singing, and waving to the Croke Park crowd at gig. Video: Andrew Watchorn


More than 80,000 people, and one air guitar playing Taoiseach, enjoyed an epic Bruce Springsteen gig at Croke Park last night.

Enda Kenny was recorded by concert goes dancing, singing, waving to the crowd and also playing air guitar to one of Springsteen’s favourite hits, Dancing in the Dark.

Springsteen will play a second concert at Croke Park on Sunday.

Separately, evidence has emerged that Springsteen’s great-great-great-grandfather was from Co Kildare.

Christy Gerrity, from Rathangan, was also an outspoken protester in his glory days, according to information released by Tourism Ireland.

Gerrity was arrested and imprisoned in 1823 under the Insurrection Act - which targeted those protesting the social injustice of excessive tithes, rent payments and related evictions of the time.

Records show he married Catherine Kelly in 1827 and the pair went on to have eight children.

They lived in a simple cabin in the townland of Mountprospect.

In 1847 - one of the worst years of Ireland’s Great Famine - Gerrity worked as a carrier, earning a living by transporting people, goods and livestock.

The family Ireland for New Jersey in 1853. The roots were revealed by Tourism Ireland, which is encouraging people worldwide to discover their Irish heritage on the website.

Mark Henry, of Tourism Ireland, said he was delighted to share the details of Springsteen’s Irish ancestry on his sell-out gig at Dublin’s Croke Park.