Vinny Peculiar: Silver Meadows (Fables from the Institution) album review

Thu, Jun 16, 2016, 22:15


Silver Meadows (Fables from the Institution)

Vinny Peculiar

S&D Records


Alan Wilkes has been trading under the rather apt moniker of Vinny Peculiar for most of his professional career, and if there’s a more underrated (read cult) quality UK songwriter out there then we have yet to hear them.

Silver Meadows has a terrific concept – a former nurse, Peculiar’s 13th studio album is inspired by not only experiences from his previous occupation but also regular visits to his schizophrenic brother’s long-term stays in psychiatric and learning disability hospitals.

The subject matter, then, is very serious, but Peculiar’s talents lie in widening the context; this results in songs as intelligent, wise and witty (and sad) as The Wednesday Club, The Savior of Challenging Behaviour, and Waiting Games.