Oneohtrix Point Never: Good Time OST – unnerving soundtrack to Robert Pattinson movie

In a way, it’s surprising that Daniel Lopatin hasn’t already scored a soundtrack. Over the course of his seven studio albums, the Massachussetts man has proven himself a canny exponent of atmosphere, a skill that comes in useful on the original soundtrack for this Robert Pattinson-starring crime drama. Lopatin’s varied use of synthesisers is particularly interesting: on Hospital Escape they are utilised to build a buzzy, swarming intensity, while Flashback and Romance Apocalypse sound like 1980s horror throwbacks. A sense of nightmarish anxiety is never far away, while most tracks glint with menace and Lopatin clearly revels in the agitation, best heard on the frenetic Connie. Iggy Pop even lends his sophisticated murmur to closing track The Pure and the Damned, although his input is quite unnecessary on a collection that’s more unnerving than entertaining.

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