Nadège Rochat & co – Cello Abbey review

Wed, Jul 19, 2017, 17:01


Cello Abbey

Nadège Rochat; Staatskapelle Weimer; Paul Meyer; William Walton; Ina Boyle; Edward Elgar

Ars Produktion


It’s fallen to a Franco-Swiss cellist, a French conductor and a German orchestra on a partly crowd-funded CD on a German label to bring the world a first recording of Enniskerry composer Ina Boyle’s 1913 Elegy. Boyle was one of the discoveries of last year’s Composing the Island festival, but this recording was actually made months in advance of that. Nadège Rochat is a mild-mannered performer whose preferred mode is to hint at lingering, but without lagging, and to make her presence felt, but without any exaggeration of emphasis. The approach, well supported by conductor Paul Meyer, results in fresh accounts of the concertos by Walton and Elgar, and a fully persuasive presentation of the light melancholy of Boyle’s Elegy.