Lissie: Castles review – Millennial mall muzak from US country folkster

Fri, Mar 16, 2018, 05:00




Cooking Vinyl


The fourth album from Lissie Maurus opens with the gentle patter of rainfall. This MOR country folkster hasn’t exactly embraced musique concrète, but she is willing to embrace a more expansive sound.

Best known in these parts for singing on four tracks on the last Snow Patrol album, Fallen Empires, she continues to purvey a polished and sanitised sound that is exceedingly Starbucks-friendly.

The title track features the most histrionic guitar and vocals this side of an old-school Timotei advert. Blood and Muscle is a stirring but ultimately pointless “I won’t give up” anthem. Best Days plods along in a similar vein, and sees Lissie badly rhyme, “I went to college but I didn’t wanna, so I dropped out to move to California-ah.” Lissie repeatedly tells us she wants more best days, and concludes, “The best days of my life are coming for me.”

Lissie: Blood and Muscle

Feel Good repeats the same party trick ad nauseam, reciting the same sentiment over and over again. “What am I going to do?” she asks on the final track. Her existential pleas are in vain, as a lucrative career in millennial mall muzak surely beckons.