Linda Perhacs: The Soul of All Natural Things

Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 00:00


The Soul Of All Natural Things

Linda Perhacs

Asthmatic Kitty

Singer / Songwriter

A long time has passed since a dental hygienist named Linda Perhacs recorded an album way back in 1970. Parallelograms was a beauty, full of intricate and elegant folky and psychedelic twirls, yet it never received the push or attention it deserved. Perhacs moved on, but the album had another lease of life and the cult of Parallelogram s grew and grew as the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Daft Punk and Devendra Banhart fell for its charms. The follow-up may be 44 years in the works, but it’s timely nonetheless as Perhacs turns her attention towards the universe and the current state of the natural world. The title track, Song of the Planets and Prism of Glass are gorgeous, evocative and timeless cuts, Perhacs’s gentle coos perfectly in tune with the sweet, pure ambience of the album’s musical building blocks.
Download: Song of the Planets, The Soul of All Natural Things, Prism of Glass