José Gonzalez: Vestiges & Claws | Album stream

It's eight years since Jose Gonzalez released a solo album - listen to Vestiges and Claws here

Jose Gonzalez by Malin Johanssen

Jose Gonzalez by Malin Johanssen


It’s been more than a decade since José González’s discreet world-beating cover of The Knife’s Heartbeats, but the Swede’s modus operandi hasn’t changed much since.

Eight years after the release of his last album, González claims that his brand of minimalist folk-pop is less lyrically “self-pitying”, but the music remains as low-key as ever. Intricate classical guitar finger- picking is the order of the day, with the occasional addition of flute on songs such as The Forest.

Listen up: Vestiges & Claws

Handclaps, soft percussion and layers of voices assist Let It Carry You in finding an unobtrusive groove, but the mood remains sombre even at its most melodic points. There’s a certain comfort in familiarity, but this perfectly pleasant album blends into the background just a little too effortlessly.