Jago - Microphones & Sofas: an album of tough, hard-edged renegade soundwaves

Thu, Feb 18, 2016, 22:00


Microphones & Sofas


Tru Thoughts


Jago is one of the leading lights in the new school dub reggae scene, a vocalist and producer with many strings to his bow, from fronting nine-piece band onlyjoe to working with Hylu and others in the Unit 137 studio set-up.

Inspired by the jungle and ragga that ruled the roost during his 1990s youth, Jago’s debut solo album comes with big sound systems in mind, with a set of tracks where the bass leads the way.

Murderation Sound and Dangerous catch Jago and his collaborators Ghostwriterz and Junior Dangerous going toe to toe on a gritty, muscular dancehall soundclash, while Struggling has MC Galek Spiritual running the line about social injustice.

Undercover brings DJ Vadim into the picture to supply some bounce.

An album of tough, hard-edged renegade soundwaves decides to make bassbins everywhere pop.