Irish Baroque Orchestra: Concerti Bizarri - luscious colours and deep sonorities

Concerti Bizarri
    
Artist: Irish Baroque Orchestra, Monica Huggett
Genre: Classical
Label: Linn Records

Monica Huggett has a way with words as well as music.

This CD of mixed instrumental concertos borrows its name from an overture by Telemann, and what Huggett loves about the music is “the sheer beauty of the sound world, all the luscious colours and deep sonorities: it’s the audio equivalent of eating the best chocolate mousse!”

She’s right. There is something especially indulgent in the sound world of the seven concertos here.

One, by Christoph Graupner, even combines flute d’amore, oboe d’amore and viola d’amore.


The bracing immediacy of baroque oboes and bassoon feature in works by Fasch, Telemann and Heinichen as well as Graupner, and deliciously nasal cellos in a double concerto by Vivaldi (RV531).

Michael Dervan

Michael Dervan

Michael Dervan is a music critic and Irish Times contributor