Enrico Pieranunzi/Federico Casagrande: Double Circle | Album Review

Thu, Apr 16, 2015, 15:30


Double Circle

Enrico Pieranunzi/Federico Casagrande



Italian Enrico Pieranunzi is a poet of the piano, one of the great storytellers of European jazz, whose musical embrace is warm and wide, blurring the lines between jazz and classical.

His meeting here with a rising star of the younger generation, Treviso-born guitarist Federico Casagrande, is an understated gem of European “chamber” jazz, a set of (mostly brief) originals, studies in form and colour which hover on the edge of a kind of joyous melancholy.

Piano and guitar remains an unusual combination in jazz, the two instruments inhabiting a similar space, but neither here falls back on the standard soloist or accompanist roles.

The younger man’s bell-like acoustic guitar weaves in and out of Pieranunzi’s singing lines and lush harmonies, creating a holistic sound that is fresh and timeless.