Donal O’Connor, John McSherry & Seán Óg Graham - Ulaid: An effortless fusion both musically and stylistically

Fri, Dec 11, 2015, 00:00



Donal O'Connor et al

Ulaid Music


Multiple lifetimes of music lurk beneath the surface of this exceptional collection.

At First Light’s founding members, piper John McSherry and fiddle player Dónal O’Connor, have regrouped with guitarist Seán Óg Graham to cast a laser-sharp gaze on the music of Ulster, populated by a rich mix of largely unknown tunes, borrowings from close friends and a raft of beautiful original compositions.

What’s most remarkable is the effortless fusion they achieve, both musically and stylistically.

O’Connor’s fiddle is as relaxed on the impish Swedish swing of Polska Polka as it is on the 19th century jig If Ever I Marry.

McSherry’s structured piping and sinuous whistle make perfect companions, while Graham’s accompaniment throughout is imaginative.