Damian Jurado: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun

Fri, Jan 17, 2014, 00:00


Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun

Damian Jurado

Secretly Canadian


Unheralded by all but the most devoted fan, this Seattle singer-songwriter has managed to release almost a dozen albums without bothering the mainstream. And so it continues. Always something of a maverick, Jurado has lately teamed up with idiosyncratic producer and songwriter Richard Swift, and it seems the oddballs have – yet again – created something of a winner. Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun is encased in 1960s US psychedelia to the point where you’re left wondering what the hell it’s meant to be about. The notional existential concept (a man suddenly disappears to search for himself, but fails to return) is, possibly, best left to its own devices. Bask, instead, in the warm glow of songs that benefit from a neat retrofitting of space- age keyboards and subtle nods to Nick Drake, Fleet Foxes and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Sweet. damianjurado.com
Download: Silver Timothy, Silver Donna, Suns in our Mind