Chirpy: Chirpy review – Promising debut from former Anúna singer

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Artist: Chirpy
Genre: Pop

Hozier, Eimear Quinn and Julie Feeney are just three notable singers and artists to emerge from the highly successful Irish choral ensemble Anúna. Rebecca Shannon, also known as Chirpy, is the latest member to have a go at her own solo career on her eponymous solo album.

Recorded in Dublin, London and Lucerne, Switzerland, these 11 tracks showcase an interesting emergent voice and classically trained musical talent. Sometimes, the results lack sparkling originality and bite, but there is more than enough here to suggest Chirpy has a promising career ahead.

Lead single Breathe is an arresting piece of pleasant dream pop with an arresting opening line, "It's a miracle that I'm still here".

An assured debut ends on the twin highs of The Dream and Not Scared About the Outcome. Shades and echoes of self-proclaimed contemporary influences Stina Nordenstam, Jessie Ware and Lali Puna abound, while Björk and Kate Bush are also strong reference points.


Chirpy has produced a pleasing and pleasant debut following on the promise of last year’s first six-track EP, and there is every chance she may follow her former Anúna colleagues into another stratosphere.