Cassius - Ibifornia album review: house grooves with excitement and euphoria

Thu, Jun 23, 2016, 14:00




Ed banger


It’s a decade since Cassius duo Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass last got around to releasing an album. A lot has changed in the intervening period, not least enough time passing for nostalgia to develop for the French house scene they helped to shape, as seen by last year’s Eden film.

The most striking thing about their comeback album initially is when you cast your eye on the heavyweight names on board like Beastie Boy Mike D, Cat Power, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Tedder and co.

What they’re contributing to is an album full of zip, pep and zing, one where tracks like Action and Go Up are full of funky twists and twirls. Cassius always had skills when it came to investing house grooves with excitement and euphoria and they’ve lost none of that panache over the last decade.