Arts Council’s attacks on Government a strange strategy

Council needs to embrace idea it will no longer be sole recipient of funding


Council expressed “huge disappointment” about 2018 budget allocation for the arts.

The Arts Council has not been happy with the Government. In October, on the day of Paschal Donohoe’s budget speech, the council’s chairwoman, Sheila Pratschke, issued a statement expressing “huge disappointment” about the 2018 budget allocation for the arts. 

She said the council’s lower-than-expected allocation would “severely hamper our efforts to broaden support to artists and organisations nationwide”. She declared: “We need a commitment from Government that we will have a significant uplift in investment from 2019.” And she seemed to be suggesting a quavering faith when she said, “we trust that the Taoiseach and Government will stand over the promise to double funding to the arts and culture sector by 2024”.

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