Angel Haze: Back to the Woods | Album Review

Fri, Oct 9, 2015, 00:00


Back to the Woods

Angel Haze

Noizy Cricket

Hip-Hop & Rap

When a raw, exciting, passionate, one-off talent like Angel Haze ends up on a major label, things can and do go wrong.

In the case of the Detroit native, the relationship produced an overcooked album which didn’t satisfy any party and the artist swiftly departed.

Haze is back on more familiar turf with a collection of songs which remind you of the all-guns-blazing rapper who made a name for herself on a bunch of early EPs.

Produced by her long-time studio sidekick Tk Kayembe, Back to the Woods is ferocious and explosive, an album where tracks deal with racism (Impossible), loneliness (Moonrise Kingdom) and what it takes to just deal with the world (The Wolves).

Haze is best when taking on the whole shooting gallery, but is also capable of gentleness and vulnerability – facing down and overcoming hurdles and demons.