Yo La Tengo


FadeMatador ****

Unlucky 13? Yeah, right. This is Yo La Tengo. Since settling on a line-up of Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew 20 years ago, the Hoboken band has been a picture of consistency. For long-time fans, their 13th studio album Fade offers plenty to not just like, but love. With John McEntire replacing Roger Moutenot on production duties, Fade, more successfully than recent releases, crams the best of what YLT do into a concise, filler-free set. There’s a sugarcoated guitar-shredding jam (Ohm), introspective candlelit numbers (both Two Trains and The Point of It are devastatingly beautiful) and beat-driven indie anthems (Paddle Forward and Stupid Things). That it all sounds so effortless is merely a sign of the trio’s enduring genius. yolatengo.com

Download:Ohm, Two Trains, The Point of It