SsssMute ***

Vince Clarke and Martin Gore have accumulated a lot of electronic music air miles since they first worked together in Depeche Mode back in the early 1980s. Given the commercial success they’ve achieved (and continue to enjoy) elsewhere, VCMG and Ssss comes across very much as the pair cutting loose, having fun and proving they can still produce fascinating, twisted electronic tunes. Ssssis dark, crisp and superbly bleepy, a bespoke collection

of dancefloor-orientated, minimal, sparse, stomping instrumentals that know exactly which buttons are required to tweak and tease a packed room. As informed as much by Kompakt and Basic Channel templates as their own work, tunes such as Bendy Bass, Aftermaths and Spock are state-of-the-art electronic barnstormers. Let’s now see if these extracurricular activities have any bearing on their main gigs.

Download tracks:Aftermaths, Spock