The Revelator Orchestra


The Sounds of John the RevelatorMudbug Club ***

The collaborative project of author Peter Murphy and musician/producer Acko perhaps initially seems somewhat portentous, but Murphy’s spoken-word passages from his fine debut novel John the Revelator are underscored by a subtle soundtrack. Make no mistake: this is dark fare, laden with intonations of tense fiddle, bluesy guitar twangs and doom- laden piano motifs.

The evocative Letter from Hell and The Terrible Grace of God exhibit Murphy’s flair for nightmarish description, both accentuated by uncomfortable musical gurgles and tense, stringy violin streaks, while the recurring theme on the Old Crow series is simplistically effective. Perhaps it’s a little too bogged down in tone at times, but an engaging, fascinating listen that will send you scuttling for the source material.

Download tracks:Murder of Crows, Letter from Hell