The Remedy Club review: Mature songs of Irish-Americana

Fri, Oct 13, 2017, 00:00


Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes

The Remedy Club

High Flying Disc Records


Americana, by way of Iris DeMent and The Handsome Family (read: songs squinting askance at the world) is what The Remedy Club trade in. Previously known as B & The Honeyboy, this husband-and-wife duo of KJ McEvoy (baby brother of Eleanor) and Aileen Mythen sound like a pair who’ve been honing their songwriting chops while watching The Last Picture Show.

The album title tells of tales misbegotten and forlorn. Their harmonies are intimate and easy: suggesting a pair at one with this faraway music that sounds like it belongs right in their home place of Wexford. Along their picaresque way, caps are doffed to Hank, Tom Waits and Django Reinhardt, while Mythen’s high lonesome vocals tells her sorry tales with a self-possession many artists never nail.

An impressive, mature collection.