The Horrors: V – Raiding the 1980s synth-pop vaults

Wed, Sep 20, 2017, 11:00



The Horrors



Sometimes, the most interesting music arrives at the intersection of influences and what is achieved with them. The Horrors have been applying such principles since they began 12 years ago and, across four quality albums (2007’s Strange House, 2009’s Primary Colours, 2011’s Skying and 2014’s Luminous), they have led the way when it comes to presenting familiar music forms in a different way. Skying remains their best attempt at fusing psychedelia and pop music, but V comes really close with its reimagining of Tubeway Army, Soft Cell and Björk. Opening track Hologram sets a spiked tone with a full-on synthesiser charge; third track Machine is a sleazy indie club floor-filler; final track Something to Remember me By is Talking Heads via New Order. The overall result is a thrilling sequence of magpie approaches delivered with due acknowledgement and respect.