The Cast of Cheers


Family School Boy Error****

Trendsetters among their Irish peers in leveraging the internet’s boundary-breaking possibilities, The Cast Of Cheers offered their debut, Chariot, as free to download via their Bandcamp page, kick-starting an infectious blog-world buzz that helped lead to a deserved Choice Music Prize nomination. Fast-forward 18 months and the four-piece’s sophomore release is an equally strong collection of high-tempo math rock and post-punk. TCOC don’t hide their influences.

There are strains of Foals (Animals), Vampire Weekend (Marso Sava) and even TV on the Radio (Trucks at Night) across the 10 tracks, all of them infused with a dance-inducing energy. The band’s real strength, aside from top-quality musicianship, lies in constructing arrangements that bridge the gap between cold- hearted cerebral exercises and richly visceral rock. In a word? Superb.

Download tracks:Family, Palace and Run, Trucks at Night