The Bryan Ferry Orchestra


The Jazz Age BMG **

To celebrate 40 years in music, Roxy Music’s chief smoothie has revisited his back catalogue and rearranged them in a Roaring ’20s style. Ferry’s no stranger to the era, having covered Cole Porter with aplomb. So crooning vintage jazz versions of Avalon, Love Is the Drug and Don’t Stop the Dance should be well within his remit. But here’s the twist: Ferry doesn’t sing on this album, preferring to play the bandleader and let the orchestra do its thing. If you’ve ever wondered what Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry songs would sound like on your grandad’s old 78s, this is for you. Do the Strand and Slave to Love fit nicely into the 1920s tuxedos, and the musicians (many of them veteran British jazz greats) turn in exemplary performances. But, like the Charleston, this has limited novelty value, although it would be perfect for a cocktail party.

Download: Don’t Stop the Dance, The Only Face