The Blizzards review: Bressie’s band sound ‘like they’re at a school talent show’

Fri, Oct 11, 2019, 05:00


the Last Great Algorithm

The Blizzards

Reckless Records


From the moment William Shakespeare compared the object of his affection to a summer’s day, generations of writers were inspired to flourish in their displays of adoration. However, on The Last Great Algorithm, The Blizzards eschew any semblance of such eloquence, choosing paltry proclamations such as, “When the drugs wear off I hope you understand it’s just a codeine crush.”

From the offset, it would seem that lyrical depth and musical imagination were given little consideration on their first album in 11 years. A hiatus, which began in 2010, subsequently saw the band dwindle from six to four members as frontman Niall “Bressie” Breslin cultivated a career as both reality star and author. Despite these personal and professional developments, along with the passing of time, their sound has remained exceptionally juvenile.

More often than not, guitar slamming and rudimentary drum beats (see Who Would Want to Be in a Guitar Band) allude to a band sounding like they’re competing for the first prize at a school talent show rather than one aiming to pack out stadiums with ambitious tracks Camera Phone and Pound The Pavement.