Spoek Mathambo


Father CreeperSub Pop ***

We know all about indie and electronica artists looking to Africa for inspiration, but what happens when African acts take their cues from what’s happening over here? While there’s been a bunch of African acts giving us their take on hip-hop, Soweto-born producer Spoek Mathambo’s new album takes a much different road. Probably best known to date for his take on Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control, Mathambo’s Father Creeper is a study in new-school eclecticism. Mixing, matching and merging house, electro, post-punk, rock, dub and Afrobeat, Mathambo’s township jive is a restless, energetic, frantic exercise in sonic muscle-flexing. While Mathambo is at times over- showy and mercurial, Venison Fingers, Put Some Red On It and Dog to Bone are strong indicators of what he can do when he puts his mind to it. soundcloud.com/spoekmathambo

Download tracks: Venison Fingers, Put Some Red on It