Soccer96 - As Above So Below album review: for true adventure-seekers

Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 16:12


As Above So Below




When it comes to far-out music, you can rely on Dave Leavers and Max Hallett. The pair, who mask up as Danalogue and Betamax, are two-thirds of jazz freak scene thrillers The Comet Is Coming and have also contributed to the vroom and velocity of acts like Sons of Kemet, Melt Yourself Down, Archie Bronson Outfit, Rozi Plain, Can’s Damo Suzuki and many more.

As Above So Below is a dazzler, a collection of loose-fit grooves which pack epic ambitions and energetic intentions into the confines of smartly sculpted soundscapes.

They quote Brian Eno and Miles Davis as influences, but the fierce fever blowing up on tracks like The Swamp, Spirit Wobble and Between the Whole And the Void provide new punctuation in the lines between jazz, electronica and rock.

An album for true adventure-seekers.