Sleigh Bells


Reign of Terror Mom + Pop***

Their debut album, Treats, was about Alexis Krauss and Derek E Miller putting blood in the music and having fun at the same time. On Reign of Terror,other angles come into the equation to battle with the distortion and wild abandon on which they’ve built their kingdom. This tussle to put a new shape on the sound is a tricky feat to pull off because those trademark belligerent guitars and Krauss’s rabble- rousing vocals will, for many, be instantly synonymous with Treats. Yet the more you dig into the album, the more you’ll notice the edits to the script. Miller’s guitars are the battering rams that drive the stadium- sized bubblegum pop-metal tracks ( True Shred Guitar, Crush), which are crafted with podium-prancing in mind. There are dark hues (especially on Born to Loseand Leader of the Pack), but the sugar-kick highs of their debut are still part and parcel of the rigging, as Demonsshows.

Download tracks: Crush, Leader of the Pack