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Thinkin Bout You (Live)****

The genius of Thinkin Bout You’s original recording was Frank Ocean’s unorthodox vocal phrasing. (It seems the leaked demo was a guide vocal Frank had recorded for Roc Nation signing Bridget Kelly.) The worst thing you possibly could do with the track, then, is to turn it into a sort of slick, lounge number. That’s a landmine Aluna Francis sidesteps on this appropriately under-rehearsed sounding performance on Trevor Nelson’s BBC radio show.


Shelter SongHeavenly *

Schoolyard psychedelia from one of the bands NME promises we’ll be getting “very, very excited” about in 2013. Shelter Song is the sort of ludicrously retro wig-out that prompts such burning questions as “Is this a piss-take?”, “Are you quite sure this isn’t a piss- take?”, and “Is there someone else I can speak to?”.


BoysPolydor ***

Since the departure of Sugababes’ last original member in 2009, the girl group has been pop’s answer to Theseus’s paradox: the only constant in a decade-and-a-half history (allegedly) being mutual antipathy. As if to underline the absurdity, the group’s three founding members have reunited and signed a million-pound deal with Polydor. But who gets custody of Push the Button? That’s what I want to know.


After You***

“From disco to disco, from Safeway to Tesco/ We’re shopping around from the cradle till death now.” Produced by James Murphy and recorded during the incredibly odd-sounding Coachella Cruise to the Caribbean last month, After You is Pulp’s first new track in a dozen years. And, if sources close to the band are to be believed, the last thing they will ever do together. Unless they split a taxi to the airport,

I suppose.