Seeping into Cinemas


100,000 TimesLe Cheap Equipe Records ****

Dublin musician and songwriter Barry O’Brien has been around the houses often enough to know outward appearances (rusty gutters, flaking paint, garden weeds) can be deceptive. A one-time member of various Dublin indie bands, O’Brien’s solo project is a breath of fresh air; beyond the badly sketched cover of Seeping into Cinemasis a treasure trove of songs referencing the quieter moments of Low, Marc Carroll, Smashing Pumpkins and Brian Eno. A gentle hint of cinematic qualities here is crying out for a clued-in music supervisor in search of a soundtrack; songs such as Shoot Out, Chipped Teeth, Dour Hour, Before All of This, and Still Frame from a Sunny Mondayhave the kind of melodies you’ve heard before but are imbued with such detail they stick around for hours. A quiet triumph. See seepingintocinemas

Download tracks: Chipped Teeth, Still Frame from a Sunny Monday