Master of My Make-BelieveDowntown/Atlantic ****

Four years after her inventive debut, Philadelphia’s Santi White has returned with a record that is about “creating your own reality”. Its heady charm stems from an eclecticism that has as much to do with her time in punk rock band Stiffed as it does her experiences in Jamaica in 2010. Yet dancehall and reggae implicate themselves throughout, particularly the explosive beats on Big Mouth, provided by Switch Buraka Som Sistema; other producers such as Q-Tip, Diplo and Dave Sitek provide a sense of the “collage” White wanted to create. Electro, rap, pop, eerie vocals, a love of Devo and Fela Kuti, and palpable emotional core are all present. Disparate Youth is indignant yet soft, the clattering Go! (featuring Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) sounds like a call to arms, and The Keepers is all busy (“our house is burning down”) while our record players blow up.

Download tracks:Big Mouth, Disparate Youth