Ry Cooder

Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down Nonesuch ****

Ry Cooder has his big wry grin on, but he’s also deadly serious because these are deadly serious times. The LA guitarist, musicologist, producer and longtime leftie offers 13 incisive commentaries, set in the rich tradition of vernacular American music, including Tex-Mex, blues and gospel, but smack up to date in their anger and dismay at this world of war, wealth and want. Cooder is determined to make his husky voice heard, singing out about bank bailouts and the culture of greed ( No Hard Feelings, No Banker Left Behind), the plight of immigrants ( Quick Sand), and racism ( Lord Tell Me Why). He adopts bluesman John Lee Hooker’s persona for the hilarious John Lee Hooker for President,and swings behind Flaco Jimenez’s accordion for the jaunty anti-war Christmas Time This Year. Cooder again defies the belief that music with a message can’t be fun. See nonesuch.com/artists/ry-cooder

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