Paloma Faith


Fall to GraceSony Music **

From the way she dressed to her strident, soul-inflected vocals, Paloma Faith always seemed satisfyingly out of step with the pop world – which only makes it doubly disappointing that her second album isn’t quite as distinctive as its 2009 predecessor. The consistently over-the-top pop production doesn’t help but, in truth, few of these songs align well with the Londoner’s true strengths. 30 Minute Love Affair is a solid pop tune, but could just as easily be a Kylie song; ditto for Freedom (Duffy) and the clubby X Factor ballad When You’re Gone. The album’s saving grace is Just Be, a simple, bluesy piano tune that allows Faith’s personality to break through the wall of glossy homogeny. It’s a shame we don’t see more of it.

Download tracks:Just Be, 30 Minute Love Affair