Old Tire Swingers


Old Tire Swingers Self-released ***

It’s a long way from California to the Appalachians, the mountain range that runs down the southern spine of the eastern US and is home to bluegrass and old-time music. But Fresno man Paul Chesterton was smitten when he first heard bluegrass in 2003. He honed his banjo chops before enlisting like-minded souls to form Old Tire Swingers. Their eponymous debut is driven by raw energy and spirit. There’s little polish but clearly lots of fun, yet many will argue that stringband music is best in an informal setting, displaying its roots as home-grown music of small isolated communities. However, if the Swingers’ enthusiasm covers a multitude, it can’t hide the ragged nature of Chesterton’s voice, which is constantly under strain, both in range and in keeping pace with the frantic instrumental swirls. Old Tire Swings play Cork and Listowenext year . oldtire swingers.com.

Download: Police, Grab Your Bottle