Migos - Culture album review: Dab hip-hop hands

Wed, Feb 8, 2017, 11:00




300 Entertainment

Hip-Hop & Rap

When it comes to the ins and outs of hip-hop culture, Migos have blazed an influential trail by creating a vivid world that everyone wants to belong to or experience (the latter in the case of the dab).

Culture is easily the Atlanta trio’s strongest and most cohesive musical statement, a set of tracks that perfectly aligns a winning patter of rapid-fire rhyming, polyrhythmic percussive power and deeply dippy off-kilter funk with a dozen more-or-less killer tracks. While many have attempted to copy this game plan, few can go pound for pound with them in terms of buck wild, exuberant and brilliantly colourful tracks such as Call Casting, Slippery, Big On Big and the bodacious Bad and Boujee.

You can spot Metro Boomin and Zaytoven’s production handiwork in the crackle and shake. But the real joy is watching Migos themselves head up, up and away as the dream turns real. twitter.com/Migos