Marconi Union


Different Colours Just Music****

When Time magazine hails a track by an English electronica trio as “aural bliss” and places it in its top 50 inventions of 2011, you know that something is either brilliant or that somebody, somewhere, is taking the piss. Well, count me in when it comes to this Manchester trio, who have been around the houses a few times. Therein lies the difference between this, their sixth album, and what some young pups get up to with similar sonic themes. Taking subtle tips from Brian Eno, Scandinavian jazzer Nils Petter Molvaer, Biosphere and (on a quiet day) Sigur Rós, Marconi Union dig deep into the vaults for their often masterful 4am ambient comedowns. That they unearth tracks as shimmering and aerated as First Light, Alone Together, Always Numb and Time Lapse is proof of their abiding artistry and warm, not-at-all clinical reflections.

Download tracks:First Light, Always Numb, Time Lapse