Main Attrakionz


Bossalinis & FooliyonesYoung One ***

It’s Squadda B and and Mondre M.A.N.’s musical fixings that first grab your attention on this loose left-of-centre debut album proper. Hazy, ambient and faded, Main Attrakionz’s sonic sprawl makes hay with the same cloudy sounds that Washed Out currently employs and shoegazers once did. Lyrically, there are times when the duo are straight from central casting, with the bulk of the rhymes amounting to stoned wish-fulfilment stuff about gangstas living the good life – lines and sentiments we’ve heard a gazillion times before, with little new to the narrative. But you can hear a sense of what they’re capable of when they cut away from the corny caricatures. Tracks such as Superstitious, Cloud Body and, especially, Love Is Life are perfectly in tune with the languorous, liquid, listless drawl of their sound.

Download:Superstitious, Love Is Life