Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Cooking Vinyl ***

Not every band can churn out consistently solid fare for more than three decades, but Madness is one of them. If there’s a problem with the ska stalwarts’ 10th studio album, it’s that the tone across these 14 tracks is a little too unwavering. The result is a stream of well-constructed and played songs that are steady but rarely exciting. Still, the slouchy swing of Kitchen Floor and the brass-laden ska pop of La Luna are definite highlights, while Suggs co tentatively expand their remit into cockney disco (it exists, apparently) with the string-streaked Never Knew Your Name. Things become a bit overblown with the overdone cabaret-style Misery and Circus Freaks, but it’s a firm thumbs up rather than the emphatic “yes, yes, yes!” that the title suggests.

Download tracks: La Luna, Kitchen Floor