Lowly – Heba album review: Dreamy music, provocative politics

Thu, Feb 9, 2017, 15:12




Bella Union


Something is happening here, as Bobby Dylan says, and it is to Lowly’s credit that we know exactly what it is. From Denmark, the five constituent parts of the band were brought together, disparately, at school to partake in and complete a music project, but they connected so firmly they decided to stick together. Fired up by friendship and politics, Lowly’s debut album directly references an acquaintance of theirs who fled from Syria to Denmark, and who, in the process, influenced the band’s collective attitude towards governments placing higher value on bureaucracy than humanity. Very smartly, though, the band frame such concise and provocative narratives with music that floats by as if in a dream. Eleven songs, strong lyrical ideas, and music to bless yourself with? All yours. facebook.com/lowlyband