Den Bureau B ***

Before To Rococo Rot there was Kreidler, a Dusseldorf electronica outfit that, both historically and creatively, ably complemented that city’s musical output. Kraftwerk is an obvious reference point, as are such German electronic music acts as Neu! and Can. And yet Kreidler’s Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich and Alexander Paulick manage to forge something on their 11th album that is as familiar and comforting as it is idiosyncratic and serrated. Opening track Sun might seduce with its tempting, drifting Eno-like melodies, but from thereon in it’s a template of rhythmic challenges, some of which are utterly mesmeric (Deadwringer, Cascade) and some of which are lacklustre, industrial-lite (Winter). What’s apparent through the ups and downs is a unified, supple band equally at home with their Krautrock heritage and more contemporary experimental rock.

Download tracks: Sun, Deadwringer, Cascade, Moth Race