Katie Kim


Cover & Flood Flaming June Records****

“Slow-burning”: Those conjoined descriptive words are used more often than not to describe the sonic output of Waterford’s Katie Kim. We totally get it. Kim’s latest album, which is in danger of being unjustifiably overlooked because she doesn’t have a PR company posting it out to all and sundry, is the kind of album that drapes itself languorously across two sofas. On one you have the songs, which are exceptionally delicate and fragile, wafting around like trails of broken spider-webs, sung in a pharmaceutical fuzz; on the other you have the instrumentals, which shadow- box around conventional structures and, on more than two occasions, prove that pretentious nonsense is still alive and kicking. The songs, however, are gems that urge you to listen to them over and over again.


Download tracks: All Living Things, Habits