Junior Boys


It's all True Domino****

Album opener Itchy Fingers begins at a frenetic pace, spinning with rough Timbaland stylings, and sounds reminiscent of 1980s console games – at one point breaking down into a beautiful oriental-influenced stutter. Time appears to stand still on Playtime; a reflective, romantic composition that slopes along, mixing up cerebral visions with a delicate pop sensibility that sways as if to an electronic breeze. More than 10 years on, Junior Boys’ music continues to speak volumes about the heart’s secret mystery, borrowing from an increasingly inventive electronic palette. You’ll Improve Meand A Truly Happy Endingare joyful, fizzing odes to the best parts of the synth-heavy 1980s; Jeremy Greenspan’s voice sounds evermore confiding, sensual and direct, with luminous melancholy etched into every word and sound. Beautiful. See dominorecordco.com/artists/junior-boys

Download tracks: Playtime, You’ll Improve Me