Jidenna - The Chief album review: The Monáe influence rubs off

Wed, Mar 1, 2017, 11:00


The Chief



R&B / Soul

Going on the span and depth on show here, Jidenna has yet to come across a genre he doesn’t like the look of. The Chief is a barnstorming affair, a record bursting at the seams with well-turned-out ideas, smart thinking, magnificent grooves and wide-eyed suss and sass.

Jidenna turns out to be a long-time associate of Janelle Monáe, and The Chief shares her devotion to funky and fancy flights of imagination about what pop can be. Jidenna pivots from lovely, sweet twinkles (Bambi) to tough hip-hop a la mode (Long Live the Chief, 2 Points) and back again to tender romantic rubs (Adaora).

He can sometimes reach too far – Helicopters doesn’t reward the build up. Still, it is great to see someone trying to go the extra mile with his narrative and sound rather than stay on the safe path. facebook.com/Jidenna