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Planet Jedward , Universal **

Planet Jedward, Universal **

Dropped by Sony after just one single, only to be thrown a lifeline by Universal: the dream was almost over for John and Edward Grimes before it had even begun. It’s no surprise that Planet Jedwardconsists solely of cover versions, but without the unnatural bouncing and laugh-out-loud dance routines, can it work? Well, the 11 song choices are a obvious in places (Backstreet Boys) and misguided in others (Beastie Boys, The Undertones), but the genuinely funny ad-libbed dialogue peppered throughout almost make amends for the many cringeworthy blunders. Sure, there’s a little too much head-in-hands embarrassment (Kriss-Kross’s Jump), but a grudging admiration for their sheer brazen silliness ( Ghostbusters) means that although there may be little of critical value here, at least with Jedward, you always know exactly what you’re getting.


Download track:Ghostbusters