Homeboy Sandman


First of a Living BreedStones Throw ***

Angel Del Villar’s flow has long marked him out as one to watch. As with Common or Black Thought (who is name checked here on Not Really), the Queens rapper’s way with words has always been a winning attribute.Comfortably in the zone on the old-school-friendly Stones Throw label, Del Villar’s smartly constructed and dexterous flow now comes with some perfectly in-tune musical backdrops.

Between the soulful pulse on Whatchu Want from Me, the Native Tongues-like positive dimensions of For the Kids, and the striking alchemy on The Ancient, Sandman’s skills are plain to see throughout.

While you would welcome some kinks in the machine or evidence of someone keen to push things forward, First of a Living Breed works well as a statement of intent.


Download:The Ancient, For the Kids