Girls In Airports: Live – giving jazz a good name

Fri, Oct 6, 2017, 05:00



Girls in Airports



It’s bands like Girls in Airports that are giving jazz a good name. The hip Copenhagen quintet, led by saxophonist Martin Stender, have won fans around Europe with their blend of Nordic cool, raw urban folk and goofy, loose-limbed world grooves – and here’s why. Their fifth release, a live show recorded in Germany earlier this year, captures the intensity and euphoria of the young group’s stage shows. Emerging from the limitless horizons of Scandinavian folk-jazz, spiced with heady aromas from the Maghreb, West Africa and the Far East, and never afraid of the big, emotional climax, Girls In Airports are the sort of group that make people realise that, despite previous declarations to the contrary, they actually do like jazz after all.